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        Daily cleaning and maintenance precautions for the mechanical components of the roller chain,
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        The roller chain is an important mechanical accessory in modern manufacturing. It is a basic accessory for transmission and operation. It is widely used in the modern manufacturing process of bicycles, ships, machinery and equipment, etc., and it is the development of modern manufacturing. An important driving force. The chain needs regular maintenance during use to ensure that machinery and other equipment are operating normally.

        The use of the roller chain is often used, the wear is increased, the lubricant can be reduced at regular intervals to reduce the burden, and the running transmission is more smooth, so the daily maintenance of the chain mechanical parts should pay attention to the following points:

        First, clean the chain, do not rub the chain too dry during the cleaning process.

        Second, the use of general detergent can not, do not use corrosive detergent, so that the wash is not clean, but it is easy to cause rust.

        Third, the long handle hard brush can be used to deal with the surrounding parts to achieve the purpose of simple cleaning.

        In general, the regular cleaning and maintenance of the sprocket can extend the service life of mechanical parts such as chains, so that they can fully utilize their advantages and promote the efficient operation of mechanical equipment to ensure its stability.

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