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        Excavator crawler plate, roller, roller, guide wheel and other accessories loading and unloading
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        First, the track plate
        1. Move the track shoe until the kingpin moves over the guide wheel and place the block in the appropriate position.
        2. Relax the track shoe. When the grease valve is released and the track shoe is still not relaxed, move the excavator back and forth.
        3. Remove the kingpin with a suitable tool.
        4. Slowly move the excavator in the opposite direction so that the track shoe assembly is laid flat on the ground. The excavator is jacked up and the lower part is supported by wooden blocks. When the track shoes are laid on the floor, the operator should not be near the sprocket to avoid bruising.
        Install the belt in the reverse order of removal and adjust the tension of the track.

        Second, the support wheel
        1. Loosen the track shoe
        2. Lift the track shoe to a sufficient height to remove the roller.
        3. Loosen the lock nut.
        4. Use a screwdriver to remove the bracket from the inside out, and then remove the roller assembly, the mass is 21kg.

        Third, the roller
        1. Loosen the track shoe.
        2. Use the working device to support the crawler frame to be disassembled at one end.
        3. Remove the mounting bolts and take out the roller, the mass is 39.3kg.

        Fourth, the guide wheel
        1. Remove the track shoe. See the chapter on disassembling the track shoe for details.
        2. Lift the tension spring and remove the guide wheel and tension spring from the crawler frame with a crowbar. The mass is 270kg.
        3. Remove the bolts and washers and separate the guide wheel from the tension spring.
        Make sure that the protruding portion of the tension cylinder rod is installed in the cylinder of the track frame.

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